Michael Garrity
CEO & Co-FounderFinanceit
Michael Garrity, Founder and CEO of Financeit, has been disrupting traditional markets for over two decades, with his dedication to innovation in financial services. Recognizing a need for transparent lending services, Garrity founded CommunityLend in 2008, a peer-to-peer lending platform that connected individuals in need of a loan with the appropriate resources in an eBay-like exchange. In 2011, Garrity recognized an opportunity to pivot, which lead to the inception of Financeit.

Continuing to carve out new territory in the Canadian business landscape Garrity lead the team through key milestones including the acquisition of TD Bank Group’s Indirect Home Improvement Financing Assets in 2016 and home improvement SaaS company, Centah in 2017. Garrity recently also shared the news of a fundamental investment from long-time partner Goldman Sachs, resulting in a majority ownership position in 2017.