Mark Fitzpatrick
Glide CapitalManaging Partner
Mark Fitzpatrick co-founded Glide Capital LLC (“Glide”) which provides wealth management firms with an efficient and cost-effective solution to offer their clients a well-diversified portfolio of private credit.  Glide works with wealth managers, family offices and institutional investors to understand the needs of their clients and works with the firm to customize a portfolio based on the unique investment needs of their clients.  Glide’s solution eliminates the significant financial and time commitment of building a portfolio because Glide sources managers, performs due diligence, provides research, portfolio building tools and marketing presentations, and has a structure that allows wealth managers to efficiently launch a portfolio where Glide will oversee the operations of the portfolio and work with administrators and auditors to provide wealth managers with consolidated reporting. The wealth manager is given a turn-key solution to invest into an asset class that has an attractive risk-return profile, while their clients can now make a single investment with exposure to thousands of underlying loans across multiple managers and strategies within private credit.