James Waldinger
James Waldinger is Founder and CEO of Artivest, a technology-driven investment platform that expands access to alternatives. A native New Yorker with a History degree from Yale and a JD/MBA from Stanford, James's first job post-college was for NYC and began downtown on 9/11/2001, ultimately helping launch the Mayor's Lower Manhattan revitalization campaign. While at Stanford in 2004, James was recruited by Peter Thiel to spend the summer as a social media analyst, where he advised Thiel's deal to invest the first outside capital into Facebook. While later managing a portfolio for Thiel's global macro fund, Clarium Capital, James observed that his institutional clients fared better through the financial crisis than individual investors, largely because the latter lacked access to the diversification afforded by alternative investments. With $2M in seed funding, James founded Artivest in 2012 to make top private funds accessible to a wider audience at lower minimums.