James Alexander
Head of ResearchDirect Lending Investments
James Alexander has been dedicated to marketplace lending since 2010, initially through his executive role at Prosper and thereafter working with Lending Club and other platforms, enabling access to lending capital. He has among the longest track records as an operator and investor in Fintech lending. Mr. Alexander is Head of Research at Direct Lending Investments, a fund dedicated to providing lending capital to Fintech lenders. He is also involved in various industry initiatives, including the Fintech Standards Board and current Chairman of the California Fintech Network, a non-profit trade organization. Mr. Alexander has 20 formative years of experience in traditional banking, capital markets, research and institutional sales; and has worked at venerable institutions including Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Canada and Nomura. He is also the co-founder of the Swiss merchant bank, Alternative Capital Associates.

Mr. Alexander holds degrees from Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland and was a US-Asia Technology Management Center Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, School of Engineering.