Glenn Goldman
PE Advisor & Board Member FinTech Executive
Building innovative companies and high-performing management teams that apply leading-edge technology to big problems … that’s what I’m excited to do, and what I’ve done throughout my career.

At Credibly, where I was CEO (2014-2017) and then Non-Executive Chairman (2017- March 2018), we built a Next-Gen lending platform with Data Science at the core of the infrastructure, driving outcomes across every stage of the workflow.

With the same Tech & Data layers supporting multiple products/borrower profiles, Credibly delivers a product/price at every stage of a borrower’s life-cycle. Lastly, we delivered a financing capability such that every asset originated has at least 3 ways of being financed. With one of the lowest costs of capital in SMB lending, Credibly optimizes financing choice at the loan level.

As the former CEO of CAN Capital (2001–2013), we built the dominant, market-leading FinTech platform that revolutionized the availability of capital to small businesses (SMBs). We accomplished this while producing record YOY growth in funding, revenue, earnings, and shareholder value.

What I am most proud of is that in solving a really big problem in a very big way, at the time of my departure CAN was the largest and most profitable non-bank provider of capital to SMBs in the US.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In emerging markets, where I sit on the Advisory Board of BizCapital, the leading Data Science driven SMB lender in Brazil, the lessons of the US market are being applied at an accelerated pace. Looking ahead, I see a growing number of opportunities to evolve/disrupt traditional means of capital deployment: reconfiguring existing infrastructure; using Tech to animate Data Science; applying Artificial Intelligence to human decisioning/workflow; leveraging Behavioral Economics to improve user experience and quality of choice; and building curated customer acquisition to “super-serve” customer needs.

These opportunities manifest in early-stage start-ups, Gen 4.0 Consumer/SMB ecosystems, and traditional financial institutions that see FinTech/Data Science as complementing long-standing core competencies and competitive advantages.