Dan Breen
Managing Partner/Head of TradingCFX Secondary Markets
Dan G. Breen has been involved in the Secondary Market for Limited Partnerships, REITs and other non-listed Alternative Investments for over 27 years and is the Head of Trading and a Managing Partner at CFX Secondary Markets. CFX provides a transparent and secure network for Buyers, Sellers, Broker/Dealers and Sponsors to execute Secondary Market transactions of private and non-listed public securities in the alternative asset classes. Dan developed his first Trading Desk for non-listed assets in 1987. He created standard transfer documents, formalized relationships with the General Partners, met with regulators from the SEC/FINRA to insure compliance, located banks that would hold funds in escrow accounts, evaluated and produced current valuations for over 400 Limited Partnerships then created databases on all traded Partnerships and REITs. He resigned as a co-Partner with Secondary Market firm Pacific Partnership Group in February 2016. He is a broker with Sage works Capital, Inc. and has spoken at ADISA, IMN and IAFP conferences; written many published articles; and testified as an Expert Witness.