Real Estate Crowdfunding Property Types

Real Estate Crowdfunding Property Types panel with Carolann Dekker, CMO of LendZoan; Allen Shayanfekr, CEO & Founder of Sharestates; Eric Siragusa, Partner at MHP Funds; Bill Sipple, Executive Managing Director of HVS Capital; and moderator Brian Dally, CEO & Co-Founder of Groundfloor.

The panel all brought experiences from different property types. Both Groundfloor and LendXoan are in residential markets whereas HVS funds hotels and MHP is a lender for mobile homes. The main discussion point was social capital and the role it plays in each type.

Hotels provide a more "sexy" appeal for investors and MHP are able to offer perks such as cheap stays. For HVS, investors like to know that their money is going to fund something worthwhile. Giving people the tools to own their own home as MHP does, comforts those who invest in it. LendZoan likes to keep their projects local. They use local experts to drive the choices in their projects. They find that investors often come to them as a way to improve their community and take satisfaction in seeing the improvement their money makes.

The other question was regarding regulatory constrictions and here the panel agreed that strict compliance surrounding residential properties affects choices of projects and there are hopes that changes might be made moving forward.