Market Analysis: Global Overview

Market Analysis: Global Overview by Peter Renton, Conference Chairman of LendIt and Co-Founder & Partner of Lend Academy, at LendIt USA 2015.

View and download the slides here.

LendIt's co-founder Peter Renton gave an overview of the state of the billion-dollar market, which in 2014 provided $9b in consumer loans, $5b in small business loans and is projected to have been worth $2.4 billion in the UK economy.

He identified the growth in the student lending arena via short “code-course bootcamps”, enabling people to do contained 3-month modules and exponentially increase their earning capacity.

And whatever is happening in the USA & Europe is dwarfed by China, where 1.2 million people are engaged in peer-to-peer lending platforms; something which Renton described as a “secular trend” rather than being a bubble.

The big idea for the industry is 'lending-as-a-service', according to Renton who closed his analysis session by saying: “The Lending industry has changed forever and is not going back”.