Presentation: Future of Real Estate Investing

Presentation: The Future of Real Estate Investing by Jilliene Helman, Founder & CEO of Realty Mogul.

Jilliene Helman was categorical about how technology will massively disrupt everything we know about real estate investing. She is frustrated that many other CEO's do not share her predictions. She sees collaborative consumption as a major issue for real estate and used Uber as an example relating to the falling cost of parking. In addition, online retail could decimate the retail real estate market, but will also lead to very exciting opportunities in industrial real estate, especially in large warehouse spaces required to service delivery. In addition, bank branches are likely to close as more Millennials now trust Google Wallet over Bank of America.

Jilliene is excited about how technology brings efficiencies that allow RealtyMogul to scale. Technology has also allowed them to bring close to 100% funding to real estate entrepreneurs, which changes the game completely for them, especially when they are getting this from just one provider. Another opportunity for them has been that it is complicated and expensive for a bank to originate small real estate loans that there is little point in it for them, which is where RealtyMogul can pick up business. She sees the future bringing a new class of industry vendors to support real estate p2p lenders. Currently, she finds it very frustrating that there is so little support and she would like to see more data sharing. Jilliene finds that other companies in the real estate world are so slow to adapt that they are holding her up. She believes that in the future, the speed will be unprecedented. Currently RealtyMogul can price in one tenth of a second. They also have the accuracy that allows them confidence to stand by their rates. There is only one other lender who has this speed. In the future, the lenders who are not leading in this way will have to follow or they will cease to exist.