Presentation: Building Scale for Real Estate

Presentation: Building Scale for Real Estate by Christian Faes, CEO & Co-Founder of LendInvest.

This presentation was given by Christian Faes, Co-Founder and CEO of LendInvest. They are a short-term real estate debt lending business in the U.K. The U.K. mortgage market is $325 Billion, compared to $1.2 Trillion for the U.S. In the U.K., mortgage lending in 2014 was less than half the volume compared to 2007, the average mortgage takes three months from application to draw down, and the entire mortgage process is offline. In terms of current headwinds to building scale, there were several topics mentioned. First, it is harder to automate mortgage lending decisions. Second, the mortgage completion process is more involved. Third, the mortgage market is very intermediated, and finally, mortgage fraud is still a big issue. Successful scaling will require attacking these challenges head on, and LendInvest sees opportunities given these challenges.