Emerging Markets Venture Capital in P2P

Emerging Markets Venture Capital in P2P panel in the China Pavilion at LendIt USA 2015 with Alexander Prokhorov, of FinSight Ventures; Tharon Smith, of The Strontium Group; David Weiden, of Khosla Ventures; and moderator Mark Hookey, of DemystData.

This panel discusses emerging markets venture capital in FinTech, covering the areas of size, and challenges faced by different parties in this industry. Currently, China has the largest volume of venture capital in FinTech. The panel sheds light on an increase of foreign companies investing.

The challenges faced by those companies are how they get assets, government involvement, banking system challenges and the relationship with the government. The increased number of platforms also face similar challenges like the lack of credit history and standardization of a credit system. One panelist mentioned the best way to face this challenge is to get comfortable with the uncomfortableness. If you don’t get what you want, be creative to get what you want.