Zhen Yao
Director of Scores and AnalyticsFICO
Zhen Yao, currently the principal consultant/Director of Scores and Analytics at FICO, had more than 13 years of working experience with multi-national financial firms in the US. Before joining FICO, Zhen worked for Capital One. His area of focus was the modeling using credit bureau data, credit bureau data management and internal consulting, and bureau data analytics. Zhen was highly regarded as the credit data subject matter expert within Capital One. Zhen’s working experiences in the US included HSBC North America and American Express as well. He was the risk infrastructure Vice President within HSBC and manager of Risk modeling at American Express.

Zhen held bachelor degree from Peking University and earned a master degree from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business. His current responsibility is FICO Scores' business opportunities in the international market, particularly in China. Zhen’s experiences are well positioned to serve the consumer and small business banking, alternative lending, and emerging credit bureau business in China.