Yang Peng
Co-FounderXintong China
• Bachelor Degree, Central University of Finance and Economics
• MBA, Peking University
• Founder, Shanxi Hongmingjing Investment Management Cooperation
• Director, Shenzhen Biaobang Investment Group
• Project Leader, Ruidong (China), investment Group
• Co-founder, Xintong China
• President, Yujing Captial
• Different management roles in China Minsheng Bank

With rich professional working experience in many investment groups, Yang Peng actively advocates and practices the concept of Micro-Lending and Micro credit in China. He focuses on solving financing problems of the vulnerable group. Currently, he has been helping tens of thousands of low-income companies’ financing and lending difficulties with his team of Xintong China, the company he established.

He is very committed to the cause of micro-lending and will keep promoting the development of micro-lending in China.