Michael Slavin
Founder & CEOPrivlo
Michael Slavin has over 13 years experience in private capital markets including real estate development, real estate debt investment, and private equity.

In 2011, he founded Privlo with the goal of getting well-qualified, creditworthy borrowers—successful consumers whose income and credit didn’t fit the strict underwriting guidelines used by traditional mortgage lenders—into their dream homes. After successfully booking 27MM in a P2P version, in 2013 Michael shifted Privlo into a full-fledged marketplace driven lender that could scale compliantly, without relying on JOBS Act changes to flow through to the largest consumer financial services vertical. Slavin and his handpicked team, who pack a wealth of real estate, credit and finance expertise, have led Privlo to become the only marketplace lending platform to date that is originating Owner-Occupied Residential Mortgages in the US – a difficult challenge for fast-followers given the regulatory environment for owner-occupied residential mortgages is very complex, second only to nuclear reactors.

Privlo's platform solves credit dislocation in the mortgage industry by combining the flexibility of private capital with the decisioning and pricing capabilities of credit data science to place financially-able borrowers who’ve been turned down by traditional lenders, into homes of their choice. Privlo does this on the back of the most advanced credit decisioning and underwriting framework deployed in the mortgage world. In the medium term, Privlo is aiming to combine an advanced operations and compliance rules-engine with a superior borrower experience to expand in the world of traditional mortgages, in its lofty goal to become the Fannie/Freddie of Private Capital.