Michael Phillips
Co-Founder & Chief ArchitectNSR Invest
Michael Phillips is co-Founder and Chief Architect of NSR Invest. NSR Invest helps individuals and institutions intelligently access marketplace lending investment opportunities. The company's core technology, NSR Platform, is a full technology stack supporting interactive analytics, custom modeling, model hosting, algorithmic investing, order execution, and portfolio management. Mr. Phillips helps build the tools necessary to manage marketplace lending exposure for NSR Invest clients.

Prior to co-founding NSR Invest, Mr. Phillips founded Nickel Steamroller, where he developed the world’s first order execution and portfolio management system for the peer-to-peer lending industry. Through his unique data-driven software and analytics, Mr. Phillips has helped lend credence to the marketplace lending industry, demonstrating it as sound alternative to traditional asset classes.

Mr. Phillips is a graduate of Marquette University, where he earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering.