Jin Xu
Co-Founder & PartnerSyncUS
As a true international talent, Jin spent his first twenty years in China. After earning an economics degree in Fudan University, one of the best universities in China, he was offered a full scholarship by the University of Chicago where he obtained two master degrees, one in Statistics and the other in Sociology. Afterwards, though his tutor offered him a place for a Ph.D in the university, Jin decided to pursue his career in finance industry.

He joined Capital One with acquisition risk management role as his first job. After that he spent some time in Enova financial, taking charge of payday loan product design and analytics. Then he worked in Discover Financial Services and focus on prime card business, personal loan, and cross-sell products for another two years.

With abundant working experience in the area of risk management, and more importantly an international perspective, Jin co-founded SyncUS International. The firm aims towards providing professional business services to Chinese entrepreneurs, investors and industry leading professionals, helping them to build solid business connections in the US and establish long-term and win-win collaborations with the US companies. Under his leadership, SyncUS is growing prosperously.