Greg Symons
A driven lifetime entrepreneur, Greg has been highly focused in business start-ups in the financial technology space.

In 2000 Greg pioneered online retail lending in New Zealand. Building on this technology platform Greg continued to architect and develop the platform into a comprehensive banking solution with licenses to a number of banks and finance companies in South Africa, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2004 Greg leveraged the platform and his industry experience to launch a direct consumer finance company. Greg exited the business in 2007 and founded ClearMatch™ with a laser focus on re-architecting the platform for peer-to-peer lending.

After an extensive redevelopment of ClearMatch™, Greg co-founded SocietyOne in Australia in 2011 as the then CEO. More recently as SocietyOne increases its operating talent, Greg's focus has shifted back to ClearMatch™ and its wider application in the global Marketplace Lending industry including broadening his investments in the industry itself.