Daniel Tilipman
President & Co-FounderNational Debt Relief
Daniel Tilipman is President and Co-Founder of National Debt Relief (NDR), a financial services company providing debt relief solutions to consumers that are in distress. Founded in 2009, NDR has evolved as an industry leader in the debt relief space. Daniel’s vision in continuing to improve NDR’s customer service, sustainability, marketability, and profitability all stem from a passion of researching, identifying, and capitalizing on consumer needs. NDR’s growth in the debt relief sector catapulted in the last 24 months through strategic marketing initiatives, meeting demand of rapid and exponential growth by ramping up staff to 450+ employees.

By promoting a consumer first approach with a dynamic passion for a positive and free thinking office culture, Daniel helped mold NDR’s values of progressive sustainability and financial awareness. With a 15 year career in setting strategic direction through developing software and technology solutions to help capture optimized workflows, a redefined vision in staff onboarding from initial training to placement and mentorship programs which promote advancement and opportunity, Daniel’s execution has been clearly defined with the successful growth and development of NDR.