Barry Freeman
Barry Freeman is Co-Founder and CFO of Jimubox (, an industry-leading marketplace lending platform based in Beijing, China. Jimubox facilitates internet-funded loans for under-banked Chinese consumers and small business borrowers. Prior to Co-Founding Jimubox, Mr. Freeman was CFO and Executive Director of Credit Heng Guarantee, an SME bank loan guarantor based in Kunming, China. During Mr. Freeman’s time at Credit Heng, the company completed more than 5 billion RMB of SME bank loans to more than 500 SME borrowers. Previously, Mr. Freeman was a Founder of Huasong Capital Ltd., a Kunming, China based investment management firm. Prior to forming Huasong Capital Ltd., Mr. Freeman was a Managing Director at ARC China in Shanghai, and a Vice President at Knight Capital Group, an equity trading and market-making firm in New York. Mr. Freeman received a bachelor's degree in business administration from The University of Georgia.