Arturo Aguilar
ChairmanAutoOne Acceptance
Arturo Aguilar is the Founder and CEO of Auto One, a subprime “Generation Zero” Hispanic automobile lending platform, with over three years in the Texas market and 4,000 loans. At Auto One, he has focused on relationship based dealer-clients that supply him with seasoned notes that he can cherry pick, based on proprietary analytical models, under the promise of Hispanic based collection practices that keep the relationship tight. This approach has given Auto One a unique access to an otherwise inaccessible market to non-Hispanic lenders.

In the past, he started up and acquired a pawn-broking chain conglomerate in Mexico (Citi financed LBO),. With extensive use of systems (SAP), for controls and pricing, and analytics for creditworthiness and data experimenting, he doubled its size and profits to become the second largest and first profits operator in the country, and sold within 18 months, to Cash America (NYSE:CSH), the largest operator of this industry in the world. During his ownership, he operated 450,000+ clients, 200+ stores, and over 4 million loans.

He has also worked at McKinsey & Co., and at the Office of the President of Mexico. Mr. Aguilar holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, and two degrees from Harvard University (MBA and MPA, 1998),