Chris Walcott
Co-Founder & PresidentSemble
Chris Walcott is President and co-founder of Semble, an online lending platform providing low-cost loan solutions for nonprofit organizations. The investment capital placed through their peer-to-community platform equates to one of the purest forms of socially-conscious investing as each dollar saved gets redirected towards missional efforts in the community. Prior to Semble, to prove concept, he joined Semble’s CEO, Todd Tarbert, in launching a beta version of the funding approach at a more localized level funding in excess of $50 million. By circumventing transactional layers, this approach to nonprofit crowd funding typically lowers loan payments by 40-60% and allows investors to be targeted in sourcing the needs of nonprofits that align with their passions. To date over $1 million per year in reduced payments have been realized and Semble is on pace to free up $2 million per year through the approximately $100 million to be funded in 2014 alone. With a background in the financial services industry and investment syndication, which includes his efforts with nonprofits in the areas of debt financing as well as for-profit capital structuring, over the last 10 years Chris has he has helped to syndicate over $150 million in private-sourced debt and equity capital.