Brian Fritton
Co-Founder & CTO/Head of ProductPatch of Land, inc
Brian oversees the development of Patch of Land's platform and technology initiatives. His experience with creating business efficiencies through intelligent technology allows Patch of Land to enjoy high quality, effective resources that make responding to significant scale an opportunity instead of a problem. Brian additionally applies process to sales, acquisition and other segments of the Patch of Land ecosystem to create autonomy in operations and dependable systems. Previously, Brian worked for a major search engine where he architected customer-facing products, developing enterprise-grade APIs, and built custom billing & audit systems. Brian also worked with an eCommerce solution provider leading the development of websites for brands such as Maui Jim, Warner Music Group, Ghirardelli & Anna's Linens. Brian is an active member of the global invite-only Young Entrepreneurs Council, speaks often on technology's role in startups and received a Bachelors in E-Business from Chicago's DePaul University. Brian started his first web design company at age 15, getting his mother to sign the LLC papers on his behalf.