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The Digital Banking Ecosystem

Cutting Edge in Fintech

Day 1 • December 7, 2021



9:10-9:20 • Opening Remarks

9:20-9:40 • Latin American Fintech Goes Global
Sumita Pandit, dLocal
The LatAm fintech market has largely been seen as one of the hottest in the world, but it is also still considered emerging. That sentiment is starting to end, LatAm has broken through and some of the best companies are now on par with counterparts in the U.S., UK and Europe. One of those companies is dLocal, the payments giant has expanded access in LatAm, APAC, Middle East and North Africa. This session will talk about the growth of LatAm on the global stage, success in U.S. public markets, financial inclusion and much more.

9:45-10:05 • Building a Modern Financial Ecosystem
Sergio Furio, CEO, Creditas
Fintechs know what the customer wants and how to efficiently build that modern day experience. Fintechs also know they cannot build all features or products in-house, so they turn to partners. Creditas has built a new financial experience through an ecosystem of partners like Nubank. This session will discuss what the process looks like for partner selection, how to determine what is built in-house and what types of partnerships make most sense for their customer base.

10:10-10:30 • Unlocking Data and Efficiency to Transform Real Estate
Brynne Rojas, Co-Founder & CEO, Habi
Real estate transactions in Colombia and Mexico tend to occur offline and take months to close. This is a data and technology problem as well as a trust problem. New infrastructure has to be built to bring this data online and to unlock efficiency gains. But once this happens huge amounts of wealth can be created as liquidity becomes easier in the largest of all asset classes. In this session you will learn from a company at the forefront of this movement.

11:00-11:20 • Leveraging Real Time Data to Reduce Credit Risk
Amyn Dhala, VP & Head of Product, Brighterion/Mastercard
The COVID-19 pandemic pushed approximately 40 million Latin Americans to enroll in banks, enabling them to use digital finance channels, e-commerce, and credit for the first time. The sudden increase in volume and added demand outpaces legacy systems and human capacity leading to unprecedented credit risk and fraud exposure for financial institutions (FIs). Using artificial intelligence (AI), data can be automatically updated in real time, giving lenders the earliest possible opportunity to intervene. This session will discuss AI adoption among FIs and how to use current data effectively, challenges to adopt AI and how to overcome them, and how AI can help FIs identify and focus on their customers and to deliver a better customer experience.

11:25-11:45 • Moving from a Payments App to a Full Payments Ecosystem
Pierpaolo Barbieri, CEO, Uala
Pierpaolo Barbieri, CEO and Founder, Ualá, will describe how his company has created a complete financial ecosystem with a full suite of products.Ualá has become one of the leading fintechs in Latin America with more than 3.5 million users including 22% of the 18 to 25-year-old population in Argentina. They recently completed the largest private funding round ever by an Argentian company.

11:50-12:10 • Democratizing Fintech through Convenience
Juan Pablo Ortgega, Co-Founder, Rappi
Rappi has successfully built LatAm’s first SuperApp. The delivery giant has brought fintech to their customers doorsteps by making it convenient. The commerce giant has embedded fintech within their delivery app based on customers wants and needs. Customization for users is key, understanding what they want and how to best deliver it is the foundation of the Rappi offering.

12:15-12:35 • Investing in the Emerging Middle Class
Christine Kenna, Partner, Ignia
LatAm’s middle class is growing, emerging in large part due to technology. Fintech has stepped in and begun helping this growing community gain access to the tools they need to get a handle on their changing financial lives. Ignia partners & invests in entreprenuers focused on the middle class. Christina Kenna joins us to discuss the growing fintech opportunity for serving the middle class and how much technology can solve as this segment continues to grow.

12:40-13:00 • Is “Fintech Buys Bank” the Next Big Fintech Trend in LatAm?
David Poritz, Co-CEO, Credijusto
Earlier this year Credijusto acquired a traditional bank making it the first neobank in Mexico to operate with a banking license. Was this a one-off transaction or the beginning of a trend for LatAm fintech? A leader in the SME lending space in Mexico Credijusto doubled their size of the business with the acquisition. This session will explore the thinking behind the acquisition, what it means for fintech in LatAm and why this could be the start of a new trend.