Steve Polsky
Founder & CEOJuvo
Steve Polsky is the Founder and CEO of Juvo - the pioneers of Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS). He founded Juvo in 2014 with the mission to create the YES Economy by closing the information gap for the 3.9 billion people worldwide who are locked out of the formal economy due to a lack of credit history. In partnership with leading mobile network operators and financial institutions, Juvo leverages previously untapped data sources to build comprehensive financial identities, allowing billions of underbanked consumers to qualify for credit and other financial services, often for the first time. Juvo’s footprint spans 26 countries across four continents. The company has built over 200 million financial profiles and unlocked more than a billion transactions to date. A serial entrepreneur, Steve's career has centered on founding, launching and managing early-stage technology ventures, including Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes, Amber Networks, VoicePlex Corporation, and Edusoft.