Jan Heinvirta
Director Business Development AmericasSONECT
After attending a leading Swiss business school and working for a top-tier business travel agency, Jan Heinvirta studied International Management at the renowned Zurich University of Applied Sciences. During his studies, he joined Sonect’s journey as an Angel Employee. As part of the study program, Jan moved to Mexico City. While in Mexico, he quickly learned about the immense pain of accessing and handling cash in the country and started to explore the market for Sonect. In a short time, Sonect had found great demand for its solution. Sonect achieved to close its first key-partners in the region and attract a prominent Mexican investor, which led to officially start the Mexican operations. As the Director Business Development Americas, Jan is currently setting up a local team to launch Sonect and make the lives of everyone easier, while helping with the challenge of financial inclusion and digitalization.