Barbara Magnoni
Co-Founder/ DirectorMeXCo Soluciones/ EA Consultants
Barbara is Co-Founder of MeXCo Soluciones and President of EA Consultants. She has more than 23 years of experience in promoting financial inclusion globally advising financial institutions, public and private entities such as the IDB, World Bank, AXA, JUMO and the City of New York among others, to ensure that users of financial services have access to adequate, responsible products that have impact in a sustainable manner. In January 2019, she launched MeXCo Soluciones in Mexico in order to expand access and use of new financial technologies to all segments of the population. MeXCo uses a trusted sales force, Noahuis (aunts in the traditional Nahuatl language), who are over 40 years old, to offer, onboard, and promote the use of new financial technologies. They accompany the client throughout the process to ensure that they value and use the products. Through its data collection in the field, MeXCo helps financial technology companies strengthen their value proposition towards the end customer.