Anabel Pérez
CEO and Co-FounderNovoPayment
Anabel Pérez is CEO and Co-Founder of NovoPayment, a FinTech company and category leader in the Banking as a Service (BaaS) space, helping banks and financial service providers to enable new digital financial and transactional use cases.

She was trained as a lawyer but is a techie and self-described nerd at heart. She loves solving complex problems like financial inclusion and is obsessed with finding ways to take financial services to new places and moments in people’s lives.

She loves talking to and learning from other entrepreneurs and reading about technology, business, and transformational change in companies and industries.

Since founding the company, she’s expanded it to eight countries and today has more than 72 deployments touching more than 12,000 corporate platform users across the Americas, and more than 2.7 million end-users.

In a nutshell, her company helps banks and others to leverage their existing systems and services to generate new deposits, transaction streams, and customer experiences.

Before starting a life in technology, she had a full career in banking and payments including leadership roles in commercial and retail banking, product development and other financial services.

She’s been a member of the City of Coral Gables Innovation Council since 2018, a member of the Forbes Finance Council and has been an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2014 and a member of Endeavor’s Miami board since 2018, as well as the recipient of the Paybefore Industry Achievement Award in recognition of her contributions to the payments space and to financial inclusion in Latin America.