Adalberto Flores
Adalberto is the CEO of Kueski, the largest online consumer lender in Mexico and Spanish speaking Latin America. The company is one the best-funded fintech startups in the region: they have raised $71M in funding (equity & debt*).

The company has an Annual Lending Runrate of more than US $130M and an Annual Revenue Runrate if US $37M. With three different products lines, Kueski has granted more than 1,000,000 loans through its platform, achieving record Net Promoter Score of 82.

Adalberto was named Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in Mexico by International Organization Endeavour. He was awarded Mexico’s University Student of the Year for Finance by Ernst & Young and CNN-Expansion in 2007 and received the Intel Entrepreneurship Challenge 2009 Mexico award and the E100 Mexico West Entrepreneurship Recognition in 2012, among others.