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LendIt Fintech, the world’s largest conference series devoted to online lending, presents LendIt Fintech Forums — a series of free, intensive learning events for Asset Managers, Real Estate Investors, Financial Advisors, Commercial Bankers, Lending Innovators, Venture Capitalists, and the Media.
  • Learn how fintech pioneers are incorporating online lending into their business models.
  • Get up to speed on the latest developments in the marketplace lending industry
  • Network and learn from the best minds in the online lending ecosystem.
September 18
In this session, we discuss the current state of the token ecosystem, including the health of ICOs and the crypto funds that invest in them. Additionally, the conversation will touch on the attempts at systematic valuations of token projects, and the recent difficulties in the market.
Financial Inclusion
January 31

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Traditional services used by the underbanked include check cashing, cash advance loans, and money transfers. Many view these services as overly expensive and behind the times, and an emerging ecosystem is leveraging fintech innovation to provide improved offerings. However, there’s a strong case made by industry researchers that the traditional, non-bank financial providers remain attractive to their customers, especially compared to the costs of a using a bank account.
Digital Banking
January 24

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In an increasingly mobile and connected world, consumers are looking for more from their banking partner. In this webinar, DBS Bank and Kasisto will share how an AI-powered virtual assistant helps people track, analyze and manage their money in an engaging experience that feels as natural as texting a friend, all while helping banks connect with their customers in a more personalized and meaningful way. They will share a year’s worth of evidence that proves that implementing AI in financial institutions greatly reduces costs while simultaneously improves the customer experience.
Investor Insights
September 27

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This forum brought to you by LendIt and Crowdfund Insider will feature David Snitkof, Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer and Bill Ullman, Chief Commercial Officer at Orchard, giving a demo of their new platform and answering questions from Andrew Dix of Crowfund Insider.
August 14
Join the discussion with leading blockchain experts from R3 and TigerRisk. Blockchain technology is beginning its implementation across the financial services sector. Two segments which need blockchain’s increased efficiency include the wealth management and insurance industries. This forum brought to you by LendIt and strategic partner Byte Academy will focus on how blockchain can help lessen the lengthy contract processes, as well as improve transparency across all parties involved in a transaction.
Consumer Lending
February 22
This LendIt Forum will focus on the investment opportunities in non prime lending. Speakers on the forum, from Monroe Capital, Clarity Services, Inc. etc. will look at the profile of non prime borrowers and how this borrower is not a risky investment. These experts on non prime credit data will focus on why this particular borrower is a good investment, how alternative data can be used to better assess the borrower's risk and the types of return investors can get when making this investment.
February 14
The Insurtech Forum will help to introduce the LendIt audience to one of the most innovative companies in property & casualty insurance, and a leading insurance association focused on this innovation trend. Lemonade CEO Daniel Schreiber and Adam Kerns of the American Insurance Association will highlight innovation currently taking place and how these new companies are affecting the traditional players in the insurance market.
Marketplace Lending
January 18
Marketplace lending is moving mainstream with more new investors coming on board everyday. . Despite some challenges in 2016 marketplace lending is one of the best performing fixed income investments.

Fueling this interest is the global trend in marketplace originations which have doubled every year between 2010 - 2015 and is expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2025, as indicated by Foundation Capital.*

If you are looking to learn how to more effectively use marketplace loans in your portfolios to achieve potentially higher returns, then the following forum is for you.
January 11
Securitization continues to be a key source of capital for many marketplace lenders. Unless exempt, any securitization entered into on or after Christmas Eve 2016 will need to comply with the risk retention requirements of Section 15G of the 1934 Act as added by the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010.

This forum in association with Cadwalader and Lending Times, will focus on key factors to consider in choosing the optimal risk retention structure and investors and other partners to assist in implementing that structure.
Bank Partnerships
November 16
Marketplace lending originations are projected to quadruple in the next four years, but regulatory and business considerations show that challenges still exist. This forum, based on a series of alerts published by Goodwin and LendIt, will provide actionable ideas on how online lending platforms and banks can partner in this innovative age.
Wealth Management
March 16
High yield, short duration and low volatility are a great mix offered by marketplace lending platforms. Learn how technology and finance come together to open a new asset class for financial advisors and their clients.
Commercial Banking
March 15
Learn how the world of lending is being transformed by partnerships between banks and marketplace lending platforms. Discover how these platforms are using technology and big data to expand their underwriting capabilities. This webinar will be valuable for commercial and regional banking executives, bank analysts and emerging platforms.
Real Estate
March 9
Hear from leading online marketplaces for real estate investing. Learn how these platforms are connecting prospective real estate investors with real estate companies in need of capital. Gain a deeper understanding of the differences between these online marketplaces and other real estate investment vehicles. If you’re a real estate professional seeking exposure to this asset class for your clients, this webinar is for you.

Presenting companies: Money360, Realty Mogul, Patch of Land
Venture Capital
February 25
In this invitation-only event, our community of angel investors and venture capitalists will hear pitches from three rising fintech startups and subsequently have the opportunity to discuss each presentation privately among themselves and collaborate going forward. LendIt will facilitate follow-up meetings and introductions as appropriate.

Event Contact: pitchit@lendit.com
Asset Management
February 22
High yields, short duration, and low volatility have pushed P2P lending into the spotlight of large institutional fund managers. Since the first P2P securitization in 2013, over 40 securitizations totaling roughly $8.5 billion have occurred. The loan originators have been a mix of fintech companies like Lending Club, Prosper, SoFi, OnDeck, and Kabbage. The issuers have been institutional fund managers, who have purchased loans off these origination platforms, converted them into securities, and subsequently sold the securities to insurance companies and pension funds -- thereby providing institutional access to this new asset class.