Rahim Nathwani
Co-Founder & CPOOakam
Rahim Nathwani is co-founder and CPO at Oakam, a fintech that uses machine learning and alternative data to provide small loans to customers not served by mainstream lenders.

Alongside improving Oakam’s product offering and customer experience, Rahim is responsible for further automating underwriting processes and expanding access to additional customer segments. Under his leadership, Oakam’s Data Science team has incorporated novel data, such as features derived from applicants’ responses to picture-based psychometric questions, into their scorecards.

Rahim co-founded Oakam in 2006, and was responsible for product and then FP&A until 2010, when he moved to China. There, he consulted for a startup village bank, before spending 5 years as a product manager at large tech companies (Amazon in Beijing, and Google in Shanghai). He returned to Oakam in 2017. Before Oakam, Rahim co-founded Euristix, a data science consulting firm, which was acquired by Capita in 2013.