Nicholas Harding
Co-Founder & CEOLending Works
Nick co-founded and is CEO of Lending Works, the UK’s leading disrupter in providing of personal loans through partnerships. Lending Works’ ultimate goal is to create the UK’s leading consumer credit business, providing a range of innovative consumer credit products, all with game-changing customer experience. Current partners include leading FinTechs, retailers and intermediaries including Revolut, Moneysupermarket, Clearscore, Experian, Asda Money and many others.

While working in the financial services industry, Nick recognised that the mindset adopted by most financial services companies was simply wrong. Instead, Nick and the team are passionate about making people’s lives better by providing simple and fair financial products.

Since launching in 2014, individual and institutional investors have lent almost £200m to 30,000 creditworthy people via the Lending Works platform. Lending Works forecasts to grow to £1bn of loans per annum by 2022. Equity investors in the business include VCs and credit fund managers.