Mihriban Ersin Tekmen
Mihriban Ersin is the COO and Co-founder of Colendi, a blockchain fintech startup helping to create better financial inclusion opportunities for the un/underbanked, and empower the developing world. As a widely-regarded and requested speaker and story resource, Mihriban offers the perspective of a successful woman in technology and business, particularly in a male-dominated field like blockchain. She can speak to the complex political and economic climate of Turkey, as well as the global challenge and opportunity of reducing the un- and underbanked population. She believes that defining a person according to their financial history is an unfair and antiquated method of creditworthiness, and that those of us who go through a hard time deserve a second chance. In response, she co-founded a company that calculates credit scores for people who would otherwise be considered credit “unscorable.” She is an advocate for women, women in tech, underserved populations, and broader social good.