Marek Partel
Co-Founder & CEOEstateGuru
During the last 15 years Marek gained an understanding what gets his pulse racing - property. During this time, the property market has certainly delivered on interest, challenge, and adrenaline. Living and thriving through economic crises taught Marek a lot about taking and managing risks in property investment- both in Estonia and other countries. As a developer and investor, he knows there are situations when banks are not willing to lend money - even though the business plan is solid, and the security is strong. In 2013 the idea of creating an alternative marketplace for property loans was born. With experience both as investor and developer, Marek co-founded EstateGuru - an online marketplace of secured property loans. With the support of over 4700 investors so far, EstateGuru have already disbursed loans of over €11M, and are now building a cross-border marketplace for short- and mid-term property loans. With the investors, borrowers and supporters who have joined EstateGuru, the company is disrupting property finance to make it more transparent, flexible and accessible to both businesses and investors of different profile.