Joseph Breeden
CEOPrescient Models LLC
Dr. Breeden has been designing and deploying risk management systems for loan portfolios since 1996. He founded Prescient Models in 2011, which focuses on portfolio and loan-level forecasting solutions for pricing, account management, CCAR, and CECL. He is also the owner of, which predicts the values of fine wines using a proprietary database with over 2 million auction prices.

He is member of the board of directors of Upgrade, a San Francisco-based FinTech,, an Associate Editor for the Journal of Risk Model Validation and for the Journal of Credit Risk., and a founding board member of the Model Risk Management International Association (

Dr. Breeden earned a Ph.D. in physics, and has published over 50 academic articles, 6 patents, and 4 books. His new books, Living with CECL: Mortgage Modeling Alternatives and Living with CECL: The Modeling Dictionary were published in 2018.