Greg Carter
CEOGrowth Street
I began my career at possibly the worst time to be entering the job market, during the 2008 financial crisis. Cutting my teeth at leading sports betting exchange, Betfair, I worked on the corporate development team throughout the company’s IPO.

Following this, I left to work for Arts Alliance, a venture capital portfolio that has backed and help grow over 40 tech start-ups, including; Graze; Ocado; Picture House; Shazam;; and LoveFilm, among others.

Through working with that portfolio I saw the huge opportunity to help SMEs unlock more growth by providing them with a flexible source of capital. In the past, to keep on top of their cash flow, SMEs would typically use a standard bank overdraft. But the banks have become increasingly reluctant to support small businesses with this type of finance. Growth Street’s mission is to transform the overdraft to plug this gap left by the banks.