Robert Reoch
Business Model InnovationHSBC
Over 30 years Rob has worked in financial services in the US, Europe and Asia, predominantly at JP Morgan and Bank of America. His broad experience spans FinTech, alternative finance and peer-to-peer lending, investment and corporate advisory, asset management, structured products, capital markets, financial training, audit and compliance. Over the last ten years he has worked with a number of FinTechs in the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands. His current clients include a broad portfolio of banks, including the global bank HSBC, UK-domiciled Weatherbys Bank and Asia-domiciled Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Rob is a leading authority on bringing FinTech innovation into banks and using alternative risk metrics to challenge and diversify financial management strategies, specifically on the transition to a low-carbon economy. He brings a wealth of experience combining a unique viewpoint: bringing a detailed understanding of the mechanisms of legacy banks and an erudite knowledge of cutting edge FinTech innovation.