Brett Brown
Managing MemberDorado Peak (SFO)
Brett M. Brown is transitioning to the role of managing member for his family’s single family office. His primary responsibilities are focused on: managing the portfolio of his family’s core holdings in: Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Minerals, Water, Ranching, and Farming, and expanding the family’s impact by the pursuit of positive change through innovation and investment.

History: The family holdings were established after the family arrived to America from Ireland in the 1830s. Migrating west, they eventually settled into central Texas where they began to accumulate farm land. After building substantial real estate (farm) holdings, the family expanded into additional farming operations in the Texas panhandle outside of Amarillo, and ranching operations north of Dallas. Oil, gas, minerals, and water were found on each of the properties and are still in production to this day – including the farms and the ranch being on-going enterprises.

After seven generations, Mr. Brown is actively looking to grow beyond the core portfolio with a focus on direct or co-investing into: technology, entertainment, and healthcare to keep up with the growth of family members and to preserve the legacy for future generations. As part of Mr. Brown’s expanded investment thesis, the family recently seeded a new late stage fund that invests exclusively into video games and eSports.

Mr. Brown earned his Bachelors in Economics from Lehigh University, and his MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. Brett has over 25 years of experience in asset management, and serves on numerous boards and non-profits. Brett is also a strong supporter of Youth Employment Services and Big Brother & Big Sisters of America. In 2017, Brett joined as a board member/mentor at Stanford Venture Studio & Stanford Gaming Club (Stanford University), and he was selected to serve as a Shark (investor) and mentor at the LA Film School. Brett has spoken at a number of Family Office and alternative investment conferences.

Areas of interest: transitioning wealth and building/maintaining the family’s legacy, direct or co-investment opportunities, and tax strategies for new investments (cap gains vs ordinary income).