Arek Flinik
Arek has over 10 years of experience in IT and leadership. Working in various roles at leading European tech startups LiveChat and Estimote, Arek is on the forefront of modern technology and Artificial Intelligence. Arek leads the Lekta Research and Product teams.

Combining industry experience, academic research and their own technology solutions—Lekta helps customers visualize, plan and execute AI and other technology driven change that results in decreased Customer Care cost burdens, high Customer Satisfaction and growth in Sales opportunities.

Lekta has developed several NLP based solutions for Enterprise, leading with their Conversational Agent platform. Moving beyond simple call routing and rigid Q&A dialogue flow, the Lekta Platform trumps traditional models utilizing a proprietary NLP engine and cutting edge Machine Learning technology to create truly natural conversations with customers. Capable of voice and text communication through any channel (Messenger, Infoline, Webchat etc.), Multi-language capability, business insights, hassle-free integration and endless scalability, Lekta is designed for Enterprise.