LendIt Fintech Europe 2018

Europe’s Leading Event in Financial Services Innovation
Fintech | Digital Banking | Blockchain | Lending

What's new in 2018
    Inaugural Blockchain Track features 6 sessions including:
  • The Tokenization of Collectibles: Art, Diamonds and More
  • The Intersection of AI & Blockchain
  • Treasury Management and Stable Coins
Fresh content requires fresh perspectives. More than 40% of our presenters are first-time LendIt Fintech speakers.
Spotlight on female fintech powerhouses. 35% of our speakers this year are women.
Traditional financial services companies are transforming product offerings for the digital age. 30% of this year’s speakers come from highly recognizable finance companies eager to maintain a competitive edge.
What we'll cover

Day 1

The Future of Banking

Banks are aggressively moving into the digital age to stay relevant. This track will explore how open banking has shifted the calculation. What is the best mobile strategy? Who are the right fintech partners? How to retain and grow customers looking for the best experience.

Legal & Regulatory

European regulators are leading the world when it comes to embracing change and encouraging the growth of fintech. Hear from regulators, lawyers, compliance professionals and regtech innovators as new approaches to regulation are discussed.

AI & Data Analytics

There is no question that AI will have a profound impact financial services. But what are the areas that AI can be best applied to and and how can you apply AI in your business today? This track will explore current use cases, what the future may look like and how data analytics intersects with AI and machine learning.

Credit, Risk and Identity

Credit, risk and identity are areas of the business that are constantly changing. This track will offer unique ways that companies are underwriting customers while still being compliant with regulations. We’ll also highlight the newest trends in identity management including KYC/AML, fraud, and how new technologies like blockchain will have a significant impact.

Day 2

Lending Innovation & Financial Inclusion

With increased competition in online lending, most recently from banks, platforms must focus on how to create better and more innovative processes. Attendees will hear from companies on the cutting edge of consumer, small business and property lending. New this year will be a segment dedicated to expanding access to credit to the underserved in both developed and emerging markets.


Bitcoin. Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies. This track will look to cut through the hype and give attendees the latest on how financial institutions are moving forward with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Investing & Entrepreneurship

Investors want returns and entrepreneurs want investment. Hear from both sides of the equation as successful investors, in both debt and equity, share what they are looking for today and fintech entrepreneurs share what works when it comes to raising new capital.