Partel Tomberg
Founder & CEOBondora
Mr. Tomberg has transformed Bondora into a leading pan-European marketplace lender from a dorm room startup he founded in 2008. He has helped Bondora establish a new standard in marketplace lending by being first in a number of areas: first marketplace open to investors across Europe; first marketplace providing credit seamlessly across multiple countries; first rating system designed to allow loans originated is different markets to be comparable; first marketplace open to accredited investors globally; and, first marketplace in Europe with a public API and granular performance data. Mr. Tomberg was previously a member of the Nordic, CEE and Baltic region management teams of Quelle AG and, subsequent to that, Halens AB. Both companies sold fashion bundled with up to a 36-month installment plan, placing them among the largest non-bank consumer lenders in their target markets. Pärtel graduated summa cum laude from the Oxford Brookes University with a B.A.