Dr. Matthias Knecht
Dr. Matthias Knecht is a Berlin-based serial entrepreneur and has founded his second Fintech company, Billie, in 2016 together with his co-founder Christian Grobe.

With Billie, the team is on a mission to turn B2B transactions into a frictionless experience. To date, and unlike in the B2C space, B2B transactions between sellers and buyers still cause severe headaches for all parties involved: these transactions are still highly manual, slow, and painfully inflexible. Billie tackles these problems by becoming the one-stop shop for handling, servicing and financing all outgoing invoices: be it for small businesses via its fully automated SME Factoring Platform or for B2B e-commerce merchants offering pay-later payment services via its fully embedded Checkout Factoring. The core of the platform, its fully automated scoring engines and KYC/AML modules, allow for customer onboarding within minutes and instant risk assessment.

Before founding Billie, Matthias and Christian successfully exited their first Fintech venture, SME online lending platform Zencap, to Funding Circle in 2015. From 2008 to 2014, Matthias was a consultant with McKinsey & Company.