George Bevis

George Bevis is the CEO at Tide, the mobile-first business banking service; a business he founded in February 2015. Tide launched in January 2017 after raising more than $2m in funding in 2016 from VCs including Passion Capital, Anthemis and Local Globe. Prior to founding Tide, George, an experienced entrepreneur and former banker, previously worked in banking at Capital One, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclaycard.

George joined Capital One in 2002 as a Business Analyst, before moving to RBS in 2005 where he became a Manager of Strategy and Planning prior to becoming Head of Innovation. After leaving RBS, George went on to found in 2007, and joined Barclaycard in 2012 where he held positions as: Director of Business Strategy, Director of Global Digital Product and finally Director of Wearables Strategy. After leaving Barclaycard George went on to become a Director of Product at Zopa before founding Groovey Bananas, an internet incubator where he stayed for over three years until he founded Tide.