Erik Leseman
Manager ALM & HedgingAegon
Erik Leseman, CFA® is the Head of ALM and Hedging at Aegon Netherlands. Erik has assumed this role, which covers the ALM of all legal entities of Aegon Netherlands and the end-to-end hedge process for hedging the guarantees, at the beginning of 2016. As part of the ALM function, Erik is actively involved in sourcing new investment opportunities, especially in the alternative fixed income space. Engaging with Peer-2-Peer lending platforms is an integral part of his work. Prior to this role, Erik worked as Risk & Capital Manager of Aegon Bank NV (including its all-digital brand Knab) and as Head of Rates and Money Markets at Aegon Asset Management. His background also matched well with the various roles at the central banks of the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands he held at the start of his career.

Erik holds a master’s degree in Monetary Economics from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

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