Richard Eldridge
Co-Founder & CEOLenddo
Richard is the co-founder and CEO of Lenddo, world leader in Identity authentication and scoring technology using non-traditional data. In January 2015, after 4 years of lending, Lenddo opened its technologies to banks, lending institutions, utilities companies and credit card companies worldwide to reduce risk, increase portfolio size, improve customer service and verify applicants. Before Lenddo, Richard has more than 6 years management consultancy experience with Renoir Consulting, operating across various industries and business functions in more than 8 countries. Since its inception in 2001, Richard has been known as one of the pioneers in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, having successfully ran two outsourcing companies in the form of Summersault and Infinit-O. In addition, he is a director at the British Chamber and the European Chamber of Commerce Philippines.

Richard received his Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences from Warwick University in the United Kingdom.