Up-and-coming European Platforms

Up and Coming European Platforms
Panelists: Siim Maivel, CEO & Founder, Investly; Patrick de Nonneville, COO & Executive Board Member, Lendix; Martins Sulte, Co-Founder & CEO, Mintos; Matthias Knecht, Co-Founder & CEO, Zencap; Antoni Airikkala, Director of New Markets, Fellow Finance
Moderator: Claus Lehmann, P2P-Banking.com

The discussion focused on topics related to running and scaling operations internationally. In response to a question about their market expansion plans, panelists mentioned the Baltic region, Sweden, Poland and Spain. They also reflected on the ways in which operating in different countries affects operational decisions and portfolio management, and the challenges of launching operations in a new country.

In addition, Mr. Knecht talked about Zencap joining Funding Circle (see related video), noting the two companies started discussing it seriously at a previous LendIt conference. They saw there was a strong cultural fit and saw value in combining into a one-stop shop for institutional investors, he said.