Dr. Matthias Knecht
Dr. Matthias Knecht is a Berlin-based serial entrepreneur and has founded his second Fintech venture, Billie, in 2016.

From 2008 to 2014, Matthias was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Together with his fellow McKinsey colleague, Dr. Christian Grobe, he founded his first Fintech venture, Zencap, in 2014: Europe's fastest growing online lending marketplace for SME loans. In October 2015, Matthias successfully sold Zencap to Funding Circle.

After this exit, Matthias and Christian teamed up again. Leveraging their Funding Circle experience, they founded their second Fintech venture, Billie. Billie tackles one of the most frequent reasons for bankruptcies of SMEs - liquidity shortages. Billie's fully automated invoice financing platform provides working capital financing for small businesses within minutes. The core of the platform, its fully automated scoring engines and KYC/AML modules, allow customer onboarding and risk assessment within minutes.