Jerome Le Luel
Global Chief Risk OfficerFunding Circle
Jerome is responsible for risk management and analytics at Funding Circle globally. Funding Circle is the world’s leading lending platform for small business finance. Set up in 2010, investors have lent $2.5 billion to 20,000 businesses across the UK, US and Europe (August 2016). In the UK, lending through Funding Circle has contributed £2.7 billion to the economy and supported the creation of 40,000 new jobs. Funding Circle loans are funded by a diverse array of investors including 50,000 individuals, local and national government and financial institutions. Prior to joining Funding Circle, Jerome was Global Head of Risk Analytics at Barclays Group and Chief Risk Officer for Barclaycard. During this time, he was responsible for managing their £40 billion lending portfolio across Europe, Africa and the US and his experience includes successfully navigating the 2008 economic recession.