Brian Bartaby
Brian Bartaby is the CEO and founder of Proplend, a Peer to Peer lending platform that connects investors directly to borrowers with loans secured against UK income producing Commercial Property. In 2003 Brian founded Longcross Capital, a firm specialising in providing financial solutions for real estate investors and developers. He spent 12 years successfully structuring funding deals to meet his clients ever changing requirements, which ultimately led him to develop the Proplend platform. Prior to property finance he spent 13 years working in London, NY and HK managing FX and Options trading desks where he developed a solid understanding of risk.

Proplend specialises in meeting the loan requirements of the massively underbanked sub £5m commercial investment loan market. Commercial real estate debt is a long established asset class which offers investors a reliable and attractive source of income with limited capital risk. Proplend is opening this asset class up to a wider range of investors who can invest alongside other Proplend Investors or on a whole loan basis.