Graham Wellesley
Chairman and Joint CEOWellesley & Co.
Graham founded Wellesley & Co. in 2013, he is the Executive Chairman and Joint-CEO of Wellesley & Co. and plays an active role in the Credit Committee. Wellesley & Co. are officially the Fast Growing Platform within the P2P industry in 2014.

Previously, Graham was the Executive Chairman of Prestige Asset Management and created the firm's flagship agricultural debt fund which was successfully launched in the height of the credit crisis. Before this, Graham acquired ODL Group Ltd which grew to be the largest retail foreign exchange broker in the world. Graham then merged with FXCM as part of the company's floatation on the New York Stock Exchange.

Graham also founded IFX in 1995, within its first three years IFX Group Plc, was a top 5 global market participant, Graham took the company public on the London Stock Exchange.