Geoffrey Richard Miller
CEOGLI Finance Limited
Geoff Miller spent twenty years in the UK financial services industry, as an analyst and as a fund manager, focused within the Non-Bank Financials sector. As an analyst he led the number one-rated UK small and mid-cap Financials team, and as a fund manager ran the largest listed Financials fund in London. He moved offshore in 2007, working in Moscow and Singapore before moving to Guernsey.

Reflecting the strategic involvement of GLIF within the development of each of its origination platforms and their position in every case as the principal capital provider, Geoff sits on the Boards of each of the platform companies and in the case of GLIF BMS Holdings Limited, most of its subsidiary entities.

In addition to GLIF-related appointments, he also serves as Chairman of Globalworth Real Estate Investments Ltd, a Guernsey-registered real estate business investing in Romania, and its subsidiary management company, and of a Luxembourg-based asset manager International Finance Development Company S.A., Holding.